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Education In australia

For Indian students, Australia is one of the best countries to go to for studying due to its ethnic inclusiveness, hospitable environment and the top-notch education system. Australia is home to several high-ranking universities that provide a wide range of courses, such as Business and Management degree programs, accounting, IT, health care, hotel management, etc, which are a popular choice among Indian students. The Australian government has also provided special arrangements for Indian-origin students, which allows them to do part-time or full-time jobs and apply for scholarships easily. As a result, students can manage their funds and cover their living costs considerably.

Why Australia

Australia recorded more than 758,000 international students in 2019, making Australia the second most-populated destination for international students after the US. This international prominence is due to a strong educational system that develops students’ personalities and provides them with the professional skills they need to land exceptional employment opportunities.

Getting First-class education


  • Quality education from top universities
  • Studying in Australia offers an opportunity to integrate into Australian culture and become part of a large international community
  • flexibility of studying in a language of your choice

Excellent Global Exposure



  • Provides learning opportunities
  • Amazing alumni network and access to quality resources
  • learn how to adapt to different cultures and develop your understanding of different countries and their people

Countless government-funded scholarship opportunities

  • The Australian Government offers a wide variety of scholarships and financial aids for international students
  • The Government covers most of the costs for International students
  • International students are highly valued in Australia

Earn while you Learn

  • Get your skills recognized and accredited by employers
  • Work part-time at a job that interests you and fits into your schedule
  • Turn your international study into a working holiday

Enhance your resume

  • With a wide range of courses available, you will be able to enhance your CV with skills to be more competitive in today’s job market
  • Develop your leadership and teamwork skills while leading a team on a real-world project
  • Enhance your resume with an international education

Post-Study work visa 

  • The government here provides post-study work visas for international students
  • Complete your degree & get practical work experience by working full time for a period of 18 months to four years
  • Apply for permanent residency

Academic Recognition Around the World

  • Recognized education quality by employers, universities, and governments
  • Flexible study options
  • Get A-Levels and GCSEs from the most respected universities in the world, along with professional and personal support for your journey into higher education

State-of-the-art Technology


  • Engaging & interactive modern education tools
  • Reduce the workload on teachers while increasing the quality and pace of learning
  • Provides a solid foundation for students to succeed in the digital world

Top-notch living conditions


  • Comfortable lifestyle with high safety standards, quality of life and social equality
  • Incredible weather and temperature year long
  • Enjoy excellent healthcare, education, accommodation, entertainment and transportation

Variety of recreational activities

  • Australia has it all: world-class beaches, rainforests, deserts and snowfields, pristine coastline and unique wildlife
  • Many opportunities to pursue careers in arts, music and more
  • Provides a year-round journey of outdoor celebrations, festivals and events

Cost Of Study

Educational Programs & Cost of Tuitions (Per year)

Undergraduate bachelor’s degree

15000$ - 25000$

Post graduate master’s degree

20000$ - 30000$

Doctoral degree

14000$ - 35000$

Top 5 Colleges of Australia

Stanley College

Sterling Business College

Kingston International College

AMA College

Perth College of Business & Technology

Top 5 universities of Australia

University of Canberra

Charles Darwin University

La Trobe University

RMIT University

Monash University

Student visa documents

The Australian government offers all Indian students the chance to study in the country; however, you must first get a student visa. Your visa requirements will be determined by

Your Age

The course you wish to study

The length of time you intend to stay in Australia

Regardless of your subject of study, you will almost certainly need a student (subclass 500) visa as an overseas student.

What is subclass 500?

A student subclass 500 visa, which has been in place since July 1, 2016, allows you to stay in Australia for the duration of your study program, which is usually up to five years and is based on your enrolment date.

Documents required for an Australian student visa

Proof of enrolment

A valid passport

Your visa application fee

Your Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement – this is proof of your intention to come to Australia only to study and not to settle

Academic and work experience documents

Evidence of financial ability (tuition fees, living expenses, expenses for dependents, return airfare)

Details of your health insurance policy (Overseas student health cover)

Statement of purpose

Four recent Passport-sized photographs

Evidence of your English proficiency skills (such as IELTS TOEFL iBT, Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, and Cambridge Advanced English (CAE))

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