Education in France

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Education In France

France is one of the most popular study-abroad locations, attracting a large number of students from all over the world each year. France is noted for its high level of technical progress, culture, and educational prestige, which draws a large number of students. After graduation, Indian students who study in France have good professional chances all around the world. In the field of information technology, France is ranked second in Europe and fourth worldwide. In various fields, France is at the forefront of technical advancement.


Affordable and quality education

  • World-class affordable education at your fingertips
  • Boast of an expert faculty team and a student-centered approach
  • Varied and flexible on-campus, online and blended learning programs

Post study work visa


  • Students can stay and work in France after they have completed their education
  • Great place to live and work
  • Job guidance and support

State-of-the-art infrastructure

  • The education system in France is world-renowned for its high standards
  • The country utilizes the most modern equipment in the world to help students get the most out of their education
  • Prestigious, well-recognized university with a worldwide reputation

Great importance on Research and Development

  • France is also the first European country in terms of the number of scientific publications
  • To promote research and development in all fields of science and technology, in particular by stimulating inter-disciplinary research at the highest level
  • To train researchers and encourage the training of researchers and engineers

Remarkable healthcare


  • Provides its citizens with universal medical coverage and is one of the top healthcare systems in the world
  • Healthier citizens leads to a healthier and more productive workforce
  • Provides higher quality of life and better quality of care than most other countries in the world

Scholarship opportunities


  • Hundreds of scholarships for Study in France for international students
  • Unique database of French scholarships, grants and funding opportunities
  • Get access to a lot of financial aid from the French government

Cultural diversity 

  • France has a unique blend of cultural influences that is characterized by a strong sense of style
  • It’s more than just a means of funding your education as you get to experience and learn a lot about the culture of France
  • The perfect destination for students to study in a culturally rich and diverse environment

Cost Of Study

Educational Programs & Cost of Tuitions (Per year)

Undergraduate bachelor’s degree

Rs.262,000- Rs. 873,000

Master’s degree

Rs.350,000- Rs.873,000

Top 5 universities of France

Université PSL

Global Ranking 50

Ecole Polytechnique

Global Ranking 65

Sorbonne University

Global Ranking 75


Global Ranking 137

École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Global Ranking 153

France Student Visa

The government of France offers all Indian students the chance to study in the country; however, you must first get a student visa. Your visa requirements will be determined by

Your Age

The course you wish to study

The length of time you intend to stay in France

What is a France Student Visa?

A France study visa is a temporary visa for a period of up to six months, that lets you study in France. The visa de long séjour temporaire pour études do not need to be applied separately to gain a residential permit.

Documents required for a France student visa

Confirmed flight tickets

A valid passport

Internship agreement, if applicable

Proof of accommodation - hotel bookings, an invitation letter from the host, etc

2 Passport-size photographs

Financial documents to show sufficient funds (Bank statements, bank guarantees, scholarship documents)

Travel medical insurance covering 30000 Euros

Educational documents (long term)

Certificate of Registration or Pre-registration at a French institute stating the duration of the course

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